Just a quick post to point out a couple of really useful tools.

The first is a web-based tool for finding weather files for a location of interest.


It’s similar to the Excel EPW finder tool we created a few years back, but much more modern looking. It is however missing a few of the useful features of our tool, so I may take a look at contributing to this repo myself. You can find the tool here and the github repository here.

The second is another web-based visualisation tool for EnergyPlus weather files.

At the moment the tool is limited to a few graphs, including a beautiful wind rose which would look great in a report, as well as drybulb temperature floodplot and cloud cover. It’s an open source project though and so you can suggest or even contribute new types of chart.

Take a look at the tool here here and the github repository here.

I hope these tools are useful for someone, whether for work, personal interest, or just because you’re lookong for an open source project to contribute to.

Jamie Bull | mail@oco-carbon.com

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