Visualising the wind

You can’t see the wind, but just like other intangible things you can visualise it using charts. This post introduces you to a couple of ways of visualising the wind resource for a particular location. It’s an important early step in deciding whether or not a wind turbine is a good idea. Visualising wind directionDo […]

2D histograms in Excel

As the smart, graph-loving people you obviously are having found your way here I’d guess you’re all familiar with histograms. If not, they’re the column charts you see which show how many items, or what percentage of the total number of items, fall into a particular range – known as bins or buckets. The chart […]

“My location” function for Excel

If you downloaded the example file I posted earlier on today, as well as a few updates to the simple versions of the Gmaps and geolocation functions for Excel, you may have noticed that one of the places on the clickable list of locations was “My location”.This works using Wikimedia’s geoiplookup service. When I visit […]