Double glazing and co-benefits

In writing this post I felt like I was channeling a door-to-door double glazing salesman. If you hear this set of arguments from a bloke on your doorstep with a clipboard, an earnest expression and an insistent, nay desperate tone of voice then I apologise in advance!As a sustainability consultant it is quite easy to […]

A better measure of value?

Modern international society is obsessed with increasing GDP, despite the suggestion that beyond a point it is no longer well correlated with wellbeing – the Easterlin Paradox. This is quite apart from the fact that growth in GDP generally ignores the depletion of natural and environmental resources and is incompatible with cutting carbon emissions. However, […]

Zero Carbon Britain 2030

Keep your eyes peeled for the next gripping instalment of Zero Carbon Britain: zerocarbonbritain2030.Press release.The report has been produced over the past year or so with input from various consultants and other industry experts and promises to show us “how we can transform the UK into an efficient, clean, prosperous zero carbon society.”zerocarbonbritain2030 is a positive, […]

Refurbish or replace?

A new paper in Energy in Buildings looks at the process of life cycle energy analysis of buildings. This is a topic close to my heart and I’m hoping to be working on it more in the coming few years.The paper showed that life cycle energy use of buildings is 80-90% from operating energy and […]

Low-hanging fruit and the lock-in effect

I saw an interesting video on earlier on today. In it the chairman talked about some forthcoming research on the lock-in effect.The lock-in effect is where once some basic energy efficiency measures have been taken, subsequent more comprehensive measures become less cost effective.The first time this came to my attention was while showing visitors […]