Banana Theory.

I meant to post a link to this a while ago but somehow didn’t quite get around to it. This is a blog post I wrote for my EngD centre at UCL and if I can drive a bit of traffic that way I’m sure they’ll thank me for it.

Jamie Bull |

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Marginal abatement cost curves (MACC or MAC curves) are a way of showing both the cost of saving carbon, and also the size of the potential saving from that source. I’ve mentioned them before in a post about low hanging fruit offered by refurbishment. They are usually used at a policy assessment level, looking at […]

Since I know a lot of people who come here do so for Excel-related posts, I thought it would be useful to rewrite last week’s Pareto frontiers function in VBA for Excel.Remember that 2D Pareto frontiers are the set of options which can’t be bettered on one metric without making things worse on the other […]

We all want to find the best results for the lowest cost, but sometimes it’s not as simple as that.Imagine you have a large number of choices from which you are trying to find the best option. For example, let’s say you have a range of energy efficiency refurbishment packages available and you want to […]

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