oCo Carbon is a company dedicated to making the process of measuring sustainability easier for you. If you are a company looking to assess your carbon footprint, a public sector organisation looking to  measure the performance of your latest initiative, or an architect trying to grapple with sustainable design, or anyone with something to measure then we are here to walk you through the process.

We are experienced with a number of design tools and assessment methodologies, specialising in the area of construction and building energy use.
We also offer a custom design service, creating measurement and tracking tools to meet your specifications.

  • Code for Sustainable Homes
  • EcoHomes
  • SAP2005
  • U value calculations
  • Daylight factor
  • View of Sky analysis
  • Lifetime Homes
  • Renewable energy feasibility studies
  • Research projects
  • Embodied carbon and energy
  • Whole life cost analysis