These is a list references for the two linked posts on the EROEI of electricity supply and the EROEI of electricity balancing.

I would really appreciate it if readers could post links to any omissions or to any new papers that I miss in order to improve the statistical validity of the trajectory graph. In particular this list is very short on published papers on EROEI, net energy, energy payback time, etc for gas- and coal-fired generation as well as tidal and wave power.

1 Life-Cycle Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Nuclear Power in Australia Lenzen, M (2008)
2 Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Generation Systems and Applications for Climate Change Policy Analysis Paul J Meier (2002)
3 Civilisation and energy payback Luc Gagnon (2008)
4 Life cycle assessment comparison of technical solutions for CO2 emissions reduction in power generation Lidia Lombardi (2003)
5 Life Cycle Assessment of Coal-fired Power Production Spath et al (2006)
6 Life cycle assessment and energy pay-back time of advanced photovoltaic modules: CdTe and CIS compared to poly-Si Marco Raugei et al (2007)
7 Permanently dispelling a myth of photovoltaics via the adoption of a new net energy indicator Richards & Watt (2007)
8 Birth to death analysis of the energy payback ratio and CO2 gas emission rates from coal, fission, wind, and DT-fusion electrical power plants White & Kulcinski (1998)
9 Meta-analysis of net energy return for wind power systems Ida Kubiszewski et al (2009)
11 Biomass Power and Conventional Fossil Systems with and without CO2 Sequestration – Comparing the Energy Balance, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Economics Spath and Mann, (2004)
12 Energy and carbon audit of an offshore wave energy converter Parker et al, (2007)
13 Future of Marine Energy Carbon Trust
14 Greenhouse Gas Analysis of Solar-Thermal Electricity Generation Lenzen (1998)
15 Energy and the U.S. Economy: A Biophysical Perspective Cutler et al, (1984)
16 Tidal Power in the UK Black & Veatch for SDC (2007)
17 Life cycle assessment of the Seagen marine current turbine Douglas et al, (2008)
18 Energy Pay-back Time and CO2 Emissions of PV Systems Alsema, (2000)
19 Energy viability of photovoltaic systems Alsema. & Nieuwlaar (2000)
20 Evaluation of technical improvements of photovoltaic systems through life cycle assessment methodology Battisti & Corrado (2005)
21 Crystalline Silicon Manufacturing Progress Jester (2002)
22 Life Cycle Assessment of Crystalline Photovoltaics in the Swiss ecoinvent Database Jungbluth, N. (2005)
23 A life-cycle analysis on thin-film CdS/CdTe PV modules Kato, Hibino, Komoto, Ihara, Yamamoto & Fujihara (2001)
24 An evaluation on the life cycle of photovoltaic energy system considering production energy of off-grade silicon Kato, Murata & Sakuta (1997)
25 Energy Pay-back Time and Life-cycle CO2 Emission of Residential PV Power System with Silicon PV Module Kato, Murata & Sakuta, (1998)
26 Empirical Investigation of the Energy Payback Time for Photovoltaic Modules Knapp & Jester (2001)
27 Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Modules: A Life Cycle Design Case Study Lewis & Keoleian (1996)
28 Life-cycle Assessment of Photovoltaic Modules: Comparison of mc-Si, InGaP and InGaP/mc-Si Solar Modules Meijer, Huijbregts, Schermer & Reijnders (2003)
29 Net Energy Analysis for Sustainable Energy Production from Silicon Based Solar Cells Pearce & Lau (2002)
30 Energy Payback Time of the High-concentration PV System FLATCON Peharz & Dimroth (2005)
31 Energy and Life Cycle Assessment of Thin Film CdTe Photovoltaic Modules Raugei, Bargigli & Ulgiati (2005
32 Hidden Energy and Correlated Environmental Characteristics of P.V. Power Generation Schaefer & Hagedorn (1992)
33 Life-Cycle Energy Cost and Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Gas Turbine Power Meier & Kulcinski (2000)
34 Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Electricity Production by Solarthermal Power Plants in Spain Lechon et al (2008)
35 Eco-balance of a Solar Electricity Transmission from North Africa to Europe May (2005)
36 Net energy balance and greenhouse gas emissions from renewable energy storage systems Denholm & Kulcinski (2003)
37 Energy pay-back period analysis of stand-alone photovoltaic systems Kaldellis et al (2010)
38 Life cycle assessment study of a 4.2 kWp stand-alone photovoltaic system García-Valverde et al (2009)
39 Using life cycle assessments for the environmental evaluation of greenhouse gas mitigation option E. Niewlaar, E. Alsema and B. Van Engelenburg (1996)

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