docker-logoDocker containers are a way of running a number of isolated processes on a Linux system. For example EnergyPlus, as in this Dockerfile. You can give it a try using the online tutorial on the Docker site.

I was surprised not to be able to find a Notepad++ syntax highlighter for Dockerfiles. So having recently seen how they are created thanks to this this answer on the new building simulation Q&A site, UnmetHours, I put one together.

You can download both the syntax highlighters below, install them in Notepad++. Then your Dockerfiles will be highlighted nicely like the ones on the docker hub, and your EnergyPlus IDFs will be a little more readable than they usually are in a text editor. The only caveat is you’ll need tell Notepad++ your file is a Dockerfile since they don’t have an extension to help identify them. That’s easily done using Language > Dockerfile.



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