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Weather data from Weather Underground

Go straight to the web form. If you want to know how to design your building you to need to know what the local weather is like. If you want to understand how your building is performing you need to know what weather it was coping with. If you want to install renewable energy – […]

The EROEI of energy balancing

See also The EROEI of electricity generation. In a future with the huge increase in variable renewables predicted in such places as zerocarbonbritain, the Offshore Valuation, and Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, it will be necessary to find ways of matching up supply and demand. Currently this is done by trimming the output of […]

EROEI of electricity generation

See also The EROEI of energy balancing. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about EROEI (energy return on energy investment) lately since Tim Helweg-Larsen at PIRC asked me for help with a report. The report, “The Offshore Valuation” was produced by the Offshore Valuation Group chaired by PIRC and it looks at the […]