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Regional settings in Excel – research

Passing on a request from a couple of researchers trying to collect a comprehensive list of Excel versions and regional settings (things like decimal separators, types of brackets, etc.). If you have a couple of minutes spare and use Excel, head over to their site and download their workbook (the link is a bit awkward […]

Building Energy Performance Simulation Q&A site

UPDATE: This proposal didn’t make it out of “Area 51” as they call the staging area for new sites on the Stack Exchange network… But never fear – there is an alternative. Have a look at and head on over there with your burning questions. If there’s one single site on the internet that […]

Zero Carbon Britain 2030

Keep your eyes peeled for the next gripping instalment of Zero Carbon Britain: zerocarbonbritain2030. Press release. The report has been produced over the past year or so with input from various consultants and other industry experts and promises to show us “how we can transform the UK into an efficient, clean, prosperous zero carbon society.” zerocarbonbritain2030 […]