2D histograms in Excel

As the smart, graph-loving people you obviously are having found your way here I’d guess you’re all familiar with histograms. If not, they’re the column charts you see which show how many items, or what percentage of the total number of items, fall into a particular range – known as bins or buckets. The chart […]

Making VBA run faster

Sometimes you have a spreadsheet that just takes forever to run VBA reports, even though you’ve tried all the usual tips and tricks. This post shows one reason I found and how I managed to fix it.I have a workbook I’m using for some life cycle cost and life cycle carbon footprint analysis. The basis […]

Sorting functions for VBA

One of the things I find most frustrating about VBA for Excel is the lack of a native sorting method for arrays. Perhaps it’s because there’s the option of sorting it on the worksheet, but that’s not always viable.This post is mainly just a store for VBA implementations of sorting algorithms and will probably be […]