If you have any involvement with building energy modelling, whether doing it yourself or interpreting reports from engineers, UnmetHours is a great resource as I wrote soon after it launched.

It’s these past few weeks have been full of milestones.

1) UnmetHours hits 1337 questions (OK, that’s one for the geeks!)
2) UnmetHours hits its first birthday
3) My UnmetHours score catches up with my StackOverflow score!



It can be hard to learn about best practices, limitations and workarounds if you don’t work as part of a larger team. There’s a huge benefit to having experienced team members you can turn to when something something doesn’t seem right, or you’re sure there’s a better way of doing something but don’t know the name. Spending time on UnmetHours is like serving an apprenticeship on a huge team of experienced building energy modellers. I can honestly say I’ve learned more in the past year than any other year to date.

Thanks, UnmetHours. Here’s to many more!

Jamie Bull | jamiebull1@gmail.com

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