EROEI references

These is a list references for the two linked posts on the EROEI of electricity supply and the EROEI of electricity balancing.I would really appreciate it if readers could post links to any omissions or to any new papers that I miss in order to improve the statistical validity of the trajectory graph. In particular this list […]

Hot water, rainwater, and SAP 2009

SAP 2009, the government’s way of assessing compliance with Part L of Building Regulations, is to be introduced in October 1st of this year. Many of the changes in there are welcome. I’m particularly glad to see “confidence factors” for untested thermal bridging calculations which I had expected to be lobbied against hard. However as […]

NI185 continued: All of England

NI185: London BoroughsNI185: Rural vs UrbanThis monster graph comes with the same caveats as yesterday’s. Several LAs have not submitted complete sets of figures and so all this should be treated as draft. Next year’s figures should be more accurate.I had really hoped to compare this with Stockholm Environment Institute’s REAP data to see how […]

Double glazing and co-benefits

In writing this post I felt like I was channeling a door-to-door double glazing salesman. If you hear this set of arguments from a bloke on your doorstep with a clipboard, an earnest expression and an insistent, nay desperate tone of voice then I apologise in advance!As a sustainability consultant it is quite easy to […]